Main stream media

Over the last few days, there has been a buzz about to so-called conspiracy theories of FAU professor James Tracy. Given the reaction of the MSM, it begs to wonder if Prof. Tracy was onto something.

Blatant inconsistencies of not only media reports, but also the somewhat out of character performance by Dr. Carver who didn’t see even though overseeing the examination and autopsies of the victims. What is more disturbing is the fact that respected media celebs are on a personal attack on someone who simply asked a couple questions.

So what do we do, do we give our liberties over as the MSM dictates? Who made CNN,NBC, FOX authorities on what we should and should not believe ? Why should a highly paid entertainer masked as a journalist seek to make me believe what he or she wishes me to believe ?

Taking a step back at this whole Sandy Hook incident, one would be not too far off track if one were to assume the main focus of the entire sad event was the media houses vying for ratings and sentiment. From where I stand in retrospect the ultimate victim throughout each of these mass killings has been the truth.

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