Windows 8, a philosophy

After what many have considered slightly higher than lackluster launch, Windows 8 is here. Whether you like it or not, you will use Windows 8 at some point in your computing life. In my humble opinion, W8 /WP8 is much more than an odd OS in a tightly contested battle for wallets.

Having seen the events, and hearing pundits, one thing is clear; you cannot stumble across any blog or tech magazine without the mention of Windows 8. What was produced in Redmond was a philosophy, a paradigm shift of sorts.

How do you interact with your computer ?mouse and mouse pad right ? Just as I thought. So did I until I saw the features of W8. The futuristic amalgamation of man and machine as seen in many Hollywood films is here. MSFT has imposed its will on the computing public and how we interact with our PCs and tablets. Stay tuned as I will give my own feelings on this new philosophy called Windows 8.

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